The wound assessment and management website is a resource for Nurses and Nursing Educators and was primarily designed for use by nursing faculty, given CAN-Sim’s mission to collaborate for excellence in simulation education and research.

Educators may opt to use this resource as part of a syllabus, as required reading or as a classroom activity. The lessons in the resource are also designed for self-directed learning for nursing faculty, nursing students, or other health professionals.

No background knowledge in wound care assessment and management is required. The resource was created to provide introductory knowledge on these topics, teaching tools, learning resources, and links to relevant external resources for users wishing to explore content in greater depth.

How to integrate the toolkit into your curriculum

For educators, there are 2 ways in which you can integrate the toolkit into your curriculum as follows:

1. Access the Toolkit through this Website

We have built this resource in a manner that can be accessed and used through this website. We have setup the courses in an easy-to-use format that tracks your progress through each lesson and provides a full learning experience. Students can be provided the following link:

2. Full Toolkit Download

Are you looking to incorporate all simulations into your school curriculum or offer them to professionals in your organization through your own Learning Management System (LMS)?

Download the .zip file containing the full package of lessons including all elements of the resource from the link below. Provide the zip file to your LMS administrator or upload yourself into your LMS.

Resource Overview

  • Wound Assessment and Management PRE-Quiz
    The first assessment of competency using an innovative virtual objective structured clinical examination (V-OSCE)

  • Clara’s Story
    The first virtual simulation is about Clara Campney, an 80 year old female, who is experiencing increased pain in her lower back and has a dressing to her coccyx area requiring assessment.

  • Adam’s Story
    The second virtual simulation is about Adam Garcia, a 35 year old male, who is being admitted for a right lower leg wound.

  • Ted’s Story
    The third virtual simulation is about Ted, a 35-year-old male, admitted for an infected insulin pump site has a wound on his left foot.

  • Tesfaye’s Story
    The fourth virtual simulation is about Tesfaye, a 35 year old male who is post-operative day 5 following a bowel resection without ostomy.

  • Wound Assessment and Management POST-Quiz
    The second assessment of competency using an innovative virtual objective structured clinical examination (V-OSCE)